Hello! My name is Erika and I’m a writer & content creator in Traverse City, MI.


I started my writing career as as student working for Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Development Communications. I created content and rewrote outdated copy for the giving website. I also wrote fundraising and stewardship letters for the Grand Valley University Foundation and GVSU Family Association.


After graduating from GVSU, my previous position was at Partners Worldwide, a nonprofit in Grand Rapids, MI, as the communications specialist. The position required me to write web content, including the blog and social media. I also worked with the director of global marketing to develop campaigns and write fundraising letters to existing donors and non-donors. After moving to Traverse City, I continued to help with a few writing and campaign development projects. 


I’m also a creative writer, ranging from prose poetry to creative nonfiction. My time as a writing student at GVSU taught me ways to strengthen my writing using different techniques and styles, which I’ve been able to use across genres and even into my professional writing. I continue to practice my creative writing in my free time.







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