Partners Worldwide 2015 Year End Campaign

I wrote the copy for this general letter and for the over 15 versions segmented by donor categories, as well as the email appeals and social media posts. The marketing team worked together to decide on a different design from our normal letterhead to fit with the theme of the appeal: Peas, Chicks, Coffee, Socks. This theme varied in a series of six email appeals and social media posts.

            Direct Mail Letter

            Email Appeals - First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth


Grand Valley State University Giving Tuesday Campaign

I wrote the copy for all materials for the campaign - emails, posters, handouts and webpage. I helped brainstorm ideas and develop content. This campaign was a success, raising $3,280 in 24 hours.               

          Student Poster

          Student Handout

          Alumni Emails


Grand Valley State University Parent Appeal, Winter 2014

I wrote this appeal for the GVSU Family Association. The letters went to parents of GVSU students, both donor and nondonor, in print and email versions. 


Grand Valley State University Calendar Year End Appeal, Winter 2014

This appeal was written for GVUF annual giving and was sent to current and past donors.

            Leadership Donor

            Previous Year Donor

            Past Donor   


Grand Valley State University Parent Welcome Letter, Winter 2014

These letters were written to welcome parents to the GVSU Laker family and introduce them to the Family Association. The letters were sent to alumnus parents, new GVSU parents and parents who have been part of the Laker family through other children.