Impact Report, Partners Worldwide

I developed the content for the Impact (Annual) report and wrote the content for the entire publication. Working with other marketing communications           staff we revised the name of the publication and came up with the theme: there's a story behind every number.


Newsletter, Partners Worldwide

I developed and wrote the content for the newsletter that was published three times a year. I worked with our global staff to gather stories from the countries Partners Worldwide works in and turn those stories into short articles. 


Horizons, Grand Valley University Foundation

      Fall 2014

       This was a special edition of the publication to celebrate GVUF's 50th anniversary. I chose the headlines for the timeline, as well as wrote the                            captions for each year. I also wrote the biographies for the three former presidents highlighted. 


The Insider Spring 2014, Grand Valley State University Family Association 

      I wrote the content for the entire newsletter by interviewing individuals for the stories. 


inMotion: A Marketing Update, Lake Michigan Credit Union

I wrote the content for the entire internal newsletter and on past newsletters I have worked with the marketing team to brainstorm topics for the publication.